The Vladimir Team From Sarasota

From Left to Right - Richard “Yuri” & Betty “Lara” Greenspan, Richard “Dema” & Vicki “Vika” Swenson, Fred “Vladimir” Bloom, Craig “Igor” & Beth “Lissa” Ruyle Hullinger, Yulia “Yulia” & Alexander “Sasha” Gaukhman (Shown below).

Vladimir / Sarasota Team

Our team is composed of nine individuals who are part of the Sarasota Sister Cities organization.  We are pleased to meet with the leadership of our Sister City of Vladimir, Russia.  A brief summary of our backgrounds below:   
Dr. Richard “Yuri” Greenspan is a Dentist and US Army Veteran.

Betty “Lara” Greenspan is a Registered Nurse.

Richard “Dema” Swenson is a US Army Major retired.

Vicki “Vika”Swenson was formerly with the International Monetary Fund.  

Dr. Fred “Vladimir” Bloom is an Allergist practicing in the Sarasota area.

Craig “Igor” Hullinger is a City Planner and economic development consultant.

Beth “Lissa” Ruyle Hullinger is a City Consultant & President of Sarasota Sister Cities.

Yulia “Yulia” Gaukhman is a Entrepreneur and Real Estate professional.

Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Gaukhman is a Dentist and an expert in technology.                

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