Saying Goodbye in Vladimir


We had a great time in Vladimir. Mayor of Vladimir Sergey Sakharov, the Police Chief Alexander Razovand and their staff took great care of us and showed us the town and region. Vladimir and the region are beautiful and the people are very nice. Our thanks to them and an open invitation to visit us in Sarasota.

The photo is at the Vladimir train station.

The Vladimir Team From Sarasota

From Left to Right - Richard “Yuri” & Betty “Lara” Greenspan, Richard “Dema” & Vicki “Vika” Swenson, Fred “Vladimir” Bloom, Craig “Igor” & Beth “Lissa” Ruyle Hullinger, Yulia “Yulia” & Alexander “Sasha” Gaukhman (Shown below).

Vladimir / Sarasota Team

Our team is composed of nine individuals who are part of the Sarasota Sister Cities organization.  We are pleased to meet with the leadership of our Sister City of Vladimir, Russia.  A brief summary of our backgrounds below:   
Dr. Richard “Yuri” Greenspan is a Dentist and US Army Veteran.

Betty “Lara” Greenspan is a Registered Nurse.

Richard “Dema” Swenson is a US Army Major retired.

Vicki “Vika”Swenson was formerly with the International Monetary Fund.  

Dr. Fred “Vladimir” Bloom is an Allergist practicing in the Sarasota area.

Craig “Igor” Hullinger is a City Planner and economic development consultant.

Beth “Lissa” Ruyle Hullinger is a City Consultant & President of Sarasota Sister Cities.

Yulia “Yulia” Gaukhman is a Entrepreneur and Real Estate professional.

Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Gaukhman is a Dentist and an expert in technology.                

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Lovely Churches 

Our First evening in Vladimir, Lovely restaurant overlooking the valley.

Meeting with the Mayor Sergey Sakharov

Presenting Awards to the Young Vladimir Playwrights

Meeting at the American House

Lovely Gardens in the City

Meeting With Vladimir Rotary Club

On July 1 Rotary club Vladimir received nine guests from Sister Cities Association of Sarasota. Beth Ruyle and Craig Hullinger, Dr. Richard and Betty Greenspan, Richard and Viki Swenson, Dr. Fred Bloom, Dr. Alexander and Yulia Gaukhman were invited by Vladimir City Administration and spent in Vladimir several days.Taking into consideration the long and close friendly relations between Rotarians of Vladimir and Sarasota guests from Sister City attended Vladimir Rotary club meeting, during which the president rotation procedure took place. Alexander Shinkovich entered on President’s duties, and Elena Baklanova entered on Secretary’s duties. (Look photo report) 

Lovely Historic Church in Souzdal

Olga and Mayor Sergey Sakharov

Vladimir city, Russia

The capital city of Vladimir oblast.

Vladimir overview

Vladimir is a city in Russia, an administrative center of Vladimir region. The city is located on the left bank of the river Klyazma 180 km to the north-east of Moscow. Vladimir is a large transportation juncture on highway (M-7 “Volga”) and railway (Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod).
Vladimir population is about 346,000 (2012).

Vladimir city flag

Vladimir city flag

Vladimir city coat of arms

Vladimir city coat of arms

Vladimir city map, Russia

Vladimir city map of Russia


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